New Products

Zero-VOC Paint

Dunn-Edwards now offers Acri-Wall, a zero-VOC, low-odor interior flat paint ideally suited for use on new residential, commercial and multi-tenant housing projects. Acri-Wall exhibits excellent touch-up and good hide and is self-priming on new drywall. Acri-Wall is available in a tintable white and in Swiss Coffee (DEW341), in one-gallon and five-gallon containers. It applies smoothly and easily; the first coat seals and primes, and the second coat dries to a smooth, even finish. Because it is low odor, it can be used in occupied spaces where lower-odor products are preferred. Acri-Wall is ethylene glycol (EG)-free and manufactured in the world’s first and only LEED Gold-certified manufacturing plant. The new Acri-Wall Ready-To-Use Interior Flat Paint is available at all Dunn-Edwards stores.

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Prepaid Corporate Card App

PEX Card has introduced a suite of iOS and Android applications called PEX Mobile. This new service enables PEX Card administrators to manage cash flow remotely using a smartphone. The new app allows administrators to improve response time for employees who need funds for company expenses immediately, enable or limit certain spending as required, suspend employee card use, access information about their company's program and cards, and review transactions by cardholder.

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Disposable Bucket Liner

C. K. McNeil Enterprise, LLC, offers a unique internally-designed disposable paint bucket liner. This new liner can help you save time, money and Mother Earth by eliminating the need to wash out paint buckets. This liner is manufactured from 4.33 mil painter’s plastic and is tubular bag with a round, flat base designed to rest flush against the bottom of the bucket. Stretch elastic banding secures the unit over the mouth of the bucket.

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