Painter Wage Stats

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According to the annual wage data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean painter’s wage is $21.46/hour, or $44,640/year. Not surprising, there’s a wide range of incomes, with the bottom 10% earning $27,000/year and the top 10% earning $67,000/year.

Alaska and Hawaii clock in with the highest painter wages, at $27/hour, followed by New Jersey, Massachusetts and D.C., at $26/hour. Idaho and North Carolina are on the opposite end, at $16/hour. These 9 states are close behind…to the back…paying $17/hour: AL, AR, FL KY, MS, NE, NM, SD and TN.

To dial deeper into the data, looking at wages by metro area, one might say it pays to paint in San Francisco ($32/hour) and of course, Duluth, MN ($29/hour). But wages are significantly lower in Miami and Houston ($17/hour).

We could continue to wow you with wages and ranges, but it’s probably better if you just check out the data for yourself, here


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