PCA: Look out 2020, we're coming for you!

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2019 is coming to an end and it’s time to start preparing for 2020! PCA has just the way to start. Check out a few of the podcasts and webinars we offer to get your 2020 started on the right foot.
Trade Best Practice Series
The Trade Best Practice Series provides painting companies with employee training designed to appeal to the next generation of painters. The series of 15 videos covers topics that introduce new employees to the painting industry and to painting basics. Topics and vocabulary cover what every new painter should know, including prep, cleaning, organization, safety, sanding, priming, brushing, rolling and more!
PCA will be making the following resources available soon for employers: instructional materials, a Learning Management System to track progress, and digital certificates of completion and demonstration of key skills.
Visit the Trade Best Practice page at https://pcapainted.org/trade-bestpractices/
Podcasts Tune in and listen each week!
Maximizing Profitability with Benji Carlson Are you ready for 2020? Benji Carlson from our friends at Breakthrough Academy joins us to discuss what you should be thinking about this month to close the year right and to prepare for big profit in 2020.
Recession-Proof Your Business with Adam Rahll
Is your business recession-proof? Adam Rahll from HomeAdvisor talks with us about how businesses can prepare to survive challenging economic times and come out even stronger on the other side. It’s perhaps not coincidental that these strategies also happen to help you grow a strong, sustainable business in the best of times as well as the worst.
Comprehensive Lead Generation with Chris Moore
Chris Moore from Elite Business Advisors talks with us about comprehensive lead generation. He addresses how to source new, organic leads and how to develop advanced techniques for networking that brings you more jobs.
Strategic Plan with Danny Kerr
Danny Kerr from Breakthrough Academy talks with us about putting together a bulletproof, strategic plan for the new year that honors your short-term objectives and long-range goals. Listen as Danny explains why “growing for the sake of growing” may not be the best way forward if you want to realize true growth.
Planning for Profit with Linnea Blair
Linnea Blair from Advisors on Target joins us to talk about how you can practically achieve your financial and business goals by taking the time to think ahead and adjusting three key areas.
PCA offers Webinars to our members but we have a few sneak-peek webinars for nonmembers to view! Like what you see and want to get access to more webinars? 
Labor and Material Warranties
Randy Fornoff from MTS Painting joins us to talk about how to effectively structure profitable warranties that don’t put contractors at too much risk, and how to leverage manufacturer warranties in marketing and sales. Learn the basic building blocks to creating an effective warranty for your work!
Securing a Business Loan
Matt Palmisciano of FORJAK Industrial will discuss why business loans are important, how to look legitimate while seeking a loan, what the process is like, and what kinds of questions you will be asked and should ask in return.
Increasing Productivity on the Worksite
Breakthrough Academy discusses unique solutions to breathe new life into a hardworking team. Learn how to identify the performance gap causing an employee’s low productivity, how to develop a unique goal setting and review process to realign your team’s energy, and key processes for working with employees that have low skill. Like what you see and want to get access to more webinars? 
Here’s to a productive and successful 2020!      
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