Time for a Tune-Up

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As the spring season shifts into high gear, it’s time to pull out some of the equipment that might have been resting in the shop all winter. We caught up with Jeff Schlichte, paint division manager at Mi-T-M, to talk about what you should check and replace on your pressure washer before you leave the shop. Here are some tips for getting your pressure washer into tip-top shape so you don’t experience any downtime on the job.

TIP #1

Check the oil in your pump. If the oil is milky or dirty, replace the oil. Replace the oil with the recommended pump oil from the pump manufacturer.

TIP #2

Replace the high-pressure nozzles. The nozzles create the pressure, and if the nozzles are worn, there will be pressure loss.

TIP #3

Clean or replace the inlet water strainer. A dirty inlet filter will affect the water flow and cause premature failure of the pump.

TIP #4

Drain the old oil from the engine and replace with new oil; 10W-30 is recommended for general use.

TIP #5

Replace or clean the air filter for the engine. A dirty air filter restricts air flow, which reduces the engine performance.

TIP #6

Replace or clean the engine spark plug. A dirty or damaged spark plug will affect the engine performance or cause premature failure. APC


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