Contractor Scams Tornado Victims

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The spring thaw is great for crocus and daffodils, and it’s also a harbinger of hurricane and tornado season. Just as sure as spring flowers are out unscrupulous contractors looking to cash in on tragedy. Unfortunately, honest painters and contractors have to undo a lot of the damaged trust from scam artists, which makes their job that much harder.

In Ohio last week, the attorney general Dave Yost sued a contractor for over $213,000, claiming that he violated consumer protection laws in response to work performed (or more to the point, NOT performed) after 15 tornados devastated portions of Dayton, Ohio in 2019. The suit alleges that he performed minimal repairs – if any – and yet walked away with nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The AG is asking for restitution to all the customers as well as a $25,000 fine, with the caveat that the contractor will not be allowed to work in Ohio until these obligations are met.

This isn’t the first suit against this contractor – some Dayton homeowners, who paid him a deposit of a approximately $20,000 for repair work after the tornado, are also unhappy with the results. The couple reported roof damage, paint chipped, cracked, and discolored, and glass in their carpet, but claimed the work has yet to be completed over two year later. Meanwhile, the BBB lists 35 complaints against the company, whose phone has been disconnected and whose lawyer is saying “no comment.”

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It baffles me how attorneys can represent people like this. I couldn't sleep at night.

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