Dunn-Edwards Releases American West Paint Palette Collection

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Dunn-Edwards released its new Then, Now and Forever paint palette collection, which uses 142 historically accurate hues from American West architecture.  Dunn-Edwards partnered with Architectural Group, a historic preservation architecture firm, to study 700 colors from 300 years of American West architecture. To determine which hues would be included in the collection, they studied photographs of hundreds of buildings from Mission and Victorian to Mid-Century architectural styles built in the 1600s to 1960s. All 142 historical colors will be integrated into the new Perfect Palette display, color library, color album, fandeck and designer travel kit.

Dunn-Edwards also is introducing new digital tools such as InstaColor, a mobile app, and ColorView, a color rendering tool that allows consumers to upload a picture of a room and paint it virtually. Color-Ark Home allows consumers to store their color purchases in an online database for future reference. In addition, professionals can download color swatches into programs such as Adobe Illustrator, REVIT and Sketch-Up. For more information, visit www.dunnedwards.com.

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