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Adapting Applicators

13 June, 2022

paintbrush for new substrates

You may need to adapt to make sure you're using an applicator that puts the paint on these surfaces for keeps. Ben Waksman at Corona agrees that new substrates may have some issues taking the paint, but adds that the paint, more than the substrate, may dictate the type of brush.

“While new substrates are being developed to provide better durability, and when possible, to also be more environmentally friendly, these new materials may pose a challenge in adhesion and application,” he said. “From the standpoint of applicators, however, it has been our experience that once the surfaces are prepped for priming and top coating, the choice of roller or brush centers on the viscosity of the coating and sheen level, whether the surface is smooth, sand finish, textured or rough stucco, and, as always, the preference of the painter doing the job. 

Roland Kolilias, VP of ArroWorthy, adds to remember that with a lot of these substrates, the going gets rough, literally, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got an applicator that can handle it. “Selecting the right brush and roller for the type of substrate one will be working on is important to be able to achieve and deliver satisfactory results. Most of the time exterior applications are semi-rough to rough substrates, therefore requiring a firmer brush and more durable roller fiber.” 

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