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Personas: Low-Key Craftsman

30 October, 2019

The Low-Key Craftsman
Age: 38

Doug is all about the painting lifestyle: working outside with a schedule that shifts with the seasons. He’s not looking for a lot of responsibility. Still, he values the freedom and flexibility that painting has to offer, so he can be counted on to do his best. Because he enjoys his technician role and is happy to keep it, he’s easy to get along with. More valuable yet, Doug has spent enough time on the job to pick up some craftsmanship skills that are a benefit to your crew and, consequently, attractive to your competitors. But make no mistake, Doug is not living for work, but working to live. If a better offer comes along — whether from a competitor or a chance to live a new adventure — he’ll be ready to move on.

Work-life balance, competitive pay.

How he helps you:
Doug sees the major value of a career in painting so he’s willing to work hard to keep his position.

How you can help him:
Doug isn’t looking to rise up the ranks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of his knowledge. With his easygoing nature and the skills he’s picked up, pair him with more junior painters and trust he’ll get the job done.

Keeping steady employment.

Inflexible employers and leading a team.

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