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Containment on the Jobsite

13 October, 2021

When Covid-19 hit the U.S., the painting and construction industries in many areas ground to a halt. Once restrictions loosened, it didn’t take long for many contractors to figure out how to comply with the new requirements and safety measures of social distancing. One way was to begin using, or step up their use of, portable containment structures. 

Portable containment structures are not new to painting contractors. Long before COVID-19, many businesses had fine-tuned the construction of mobile containment to protect from overspray and dust. So the question on many contractors’ minds has been, “Can these same containment ideas be applied to create an additional safety barrier to enhance social distancing and separation?” The answer was a resounding “yes,” and it allowed some contractors to go back to work quickly. 

There are different kinds of containment systems on the market, and it’s worth knowing the difference between them. 

Job Containment
Dust containment poles and plastic sheeting can keep your crew and customers safe by creating social distancing barriers. Poles are available in different maximum heights.

Some kinds create temporary rooms so businesses can continue to operate during construction or renovation work. These systems typically utilize partitions to create sleek, professional areas. They can be used in a variety of configurations to create corridors and offices as well as storage areas. These are often used to minimize disruption and maximize privacy and protection. 
Other systems utilize plastic sheeting and poles to provide a floor-to-ceiling barrier against dust and overspray, providing another option to create extra separation. You can even get accessories to create zipped doorways to allow access in and out of workspaces without having to do any deconstruction. 

“Both systems offered by Trimaco are easy to install, making them an efficient way to separate areas quickly,” says Charlie Reaves, vice president at Trimaco, a manufacturer of jobsite protection equipment, including portable containment solutions. “They help contractors follow social distancing guidelines by creating separation on the jobsite.” 

Jobsite Containment for spraying
Create separated work zones. To use, simply break sheets apart, connect pieces, and get to work - no tools needed. Endless configurations can be created with connectors.

Painting is not the only industry using these systems to create an additional barrier of safety; they can even help in the classroom! “We had a customer from a school district this past summer purchase 18 sets of Trimaco E-Z Up Dust Containment Poles to create segregated areas within their elementary, junior high and high schools,” says Benny Cato, Trimaco's national sales manager. 

Painting industry revenue is expected to grow at least 2 percent in 2021, according to a market research report from Ibis- World, a firm that provides analysis on more than 700 industries worldwide. As the industry continues to deal with the challenges of social distancing, special attention to containment and enclosure will likely remain a consideration for job sites. 
It’s time to get creative! By knowing your options, you can be better able to take advantage of all the available safety measures, including the latest in portable containment systems. 

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