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Jobsite of the Week: Exterior Work in December

18 December, 2020

This week's jobsite goes to Brassberrys Painting!

From Nick about the job, "the Biltmore Estates in  Phoenix, AZ. The owner got a new flat roof, but the roofer did not address leaking parapet walls. We powerwashed the entire house, primed caps with Zinsser Peel Stop, encapsulated caps with GE Elast-O-Kote and finish with 2 coats Dunn Edwards Evershield 10. Biltmore is a famous golf community in Phoenix. At least 70 years old andas been in multiple movies."

Submit your jobsite on our Facebook post every Saturday morning! Winners will have a chance at being in the magazine and possibly on the December (2021) cover!

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