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Marketing During COVID-19

27 March, 2020

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The situation is different in every area, and not only that, it’s changing rapidly everywhere. We’ve heard some contractors say business as usual and others have had to shut down completely. No matter where you are on the COVID-19 situation, there are things you can be doing to position yourself now or for when things return. Two consultants gave us a little insight on what they are telling their clients about marketing during unprecedented times.

Brandon Lewis – If You are Still in Business, Be in Business

Brandon Lewis recently addressed a painting contractors in a webinar and video that outlined an “”8-Phase Process for Protecting Your Profits Against Coronavirus.” He covered many strategies during the video including marketing strategies you should be using now and well ... you should always be using these. He first assured his listeners that he is still spending money on home services. “You know who is having estimates for exterior commercial building painting? Yours Truly. And there are other people out there like me.” His main message is simple: "Implementing Critical Business Systems Instead of Focusing On “Painting Projects” is the only way to truly reduce the effects of coronavirus on your business and it’s only attainable through significant, quick action!"

  1. Unclosed leads: Reach out to them by mail, email, phone, and text. Get an answer … even if it is no.
  2. Your Full Client List: Do a multistep marketing program. Mail, email, text and phone call with some kind of offer over a 30-45-60 day period. Asses that campaign. If it’s doing well, keep it going. If you hear crickets. Push the deadline and try again.
  3. Get your newsletter out! Email, mail, text but get it out. Communicate with your list!
  4. Use Your Network: Call your network of gutter installers, roofers, window-installers, flooring installers, landscapers and see how they doing. You’ll probably have a good conversation, maybe get some ideas, and you might even get some referrals.
  5. Test new marketing: Pay per lead, telemarketing, direct mailings, pay per click.
  6. Sell: When your leads come in don’t half-ass your sales process. Warrantees, guarantees, testimonials! Put your sales process to work.
  7. Find the Market: Approach potentially receptive markets either through personal outreach or marketing campaigns.
    1. Private schools
    2. Commercial property managers
    3. Commercial office buildings

***Even if they don’t buy now, you’ll begin to build your database

To see the video and download APPC’s 8-Phase Process to Protect Your Personal & Business Income from Coronavirus, visit


From David Chism – Getting Ahead of the Curve

Many readers have experienced close down due to state mandates. It’s a difficult place to be in, but using this time could make big difference in your business once this storm has passed. For those of you who followed Mission: Vacation, remember all the time Dustin put into fine-tuning his mission plan, building job descriptions, creating career paths? If you’ve been too busy in your business to put these things in place, you can use this time to get your plan and processes in place.

In addition, you are going to want to get back to work as soon as possible. So a little bit of planning, marketing and maybe even a little bit of virtual estimating can help (more editorial on that later). David Chism, marketing guru from A David Creation gave us a few ideas for your downtime:

  1. Focus on Your Customers: Stay engaged with customers through consistent posts, videos, letters, emails, text and phone calls. After weeks of being in their home staring at the walls, they might be more than ready to get those suckers painted as soon as they are able.
    1. Do a poll of your customers and see what the number one thing is that they want painted. Once the poll is over, publish a top 10 list on your social media.
    2. Share how your company is giving back (donating equipment to health facilities, donating time and resources to help those in need etc).

Side Note: Be cautious and sensitive with wording and pictures that you post right now. This is a global crisis. Don't assume your customer is fine - care for these people. Maybe they know loved ones who are suffering or they are suffering. Don’t let your wording appear opportunistic, and 6 feet is the new safety standard! Don’t post videos or pics of those not following rules.

  1. Focus on Your Employees: If you have had to shut your business down, but you know that you want to bring your employees back once this is over, don’t forget to connect with them and see how they are doing. You can use Zoom, Basecamp, Text, Phone Calls, Virtual Happy Hours to keep them engaged.
  2. Virtual Estimates: Welcome to the world of working from home. This is also a great way to go ahead and get some jobs on the books as soon as you are ready to go back to work. This requires strong communication, strong organization and a little bit of technology.
  3. Google Local Listings – Wherever you are in your business, update your local Google listing with your hours and if you are open or closed.
    1. “We’re open for business, and practicing safe work practices.”
    2. “We are currently not able to do painting work, but we are available to give virtual estimates.”
  4. It’s time to plan – This is an opportunity to create a plan to make yourself stronger than you were before. Peer to peer groups, chat rooms and business coaches are all there to help you through this difficult time and make it easier to come back stronger than ever.

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