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Consumers Rank the Paint Brands

What paint brands do your customers like most? How do they compare Dutch Boy to Ben Moore? Do they prefer shopping at Lowe's or Ace? Well, J.D. Power just released its annual paint rankings, so read on to see if consumer opinions impress or depress you.

14 April, 2023

J.D. Power, the data analysis firm known for its annual consumer-based Paint Satisfaction Survey, released its results for 2023.

The firm interviewed 4,640 customers who actually bought and applied interior paint, exterior paint and/or exterior stain in the past 12 months. Here's what the public had to say were the best paint brands:

Interior Paint Rankings:

  1. Sherwin-Williams

  2. Behr

  3. Benjamin Moore

  4. Dutch Boy

  5. Valspar

Exterior Paint Rankings

  1. Behr

  2. Benjamin Moore

  3. Sherwin-Williams

  4. Valspar

  5. Dutch Boy

Exterior Stain Rankings

  1. Benjamin Moore

  2. Sherwin-Williams

  3. Cabot

  4. Behr

  5. Valspar

The study also included a ranking for favorite retailer:

  1. Ace Hardware

  2. Benjamin Moore independent retailers

  3. Sherwin-Williams

  4. Menards

  5. Home Depot

  6. Lowe’s

The retailer survey was based on customer reaction to their online experience, in-store experience, service and staff, merchandise, and price.

More DIYers are DIY-ing

While consumers are satisfied with the paint products, they’re not quite as happy with the prices for these products. Many consumers are having second thoughts about hiring someone else to apply them. “The persistent high cost of goods has everyone thinking about how they can tighten their belts. It turns out that for some, according to the latest J.D. Power data, that might mean adjusting their tool belts, as they get set to paint their walls or install their cabinets to save some cash,” J.D. Power reported.

Overall, 56% of consumers surveys said they had plans to embark on some sort of home improvement project, for example, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, painting, etc. While last year’s survey reported that 28% were planning to hire out their work, this year’s dropped to 24%.

Fifteen percent of those surveyed reported having some concerns about being able to afford a a home improvement project. “Those with concerns cite inflation/rising cost of products and services as their main worry (29%). Concerns also included rising interest rates (20%), not being able to finish the project due to the high cost of a product they need (20%) and supply chain issues (15%),” the article reported. The article also urged retailers to continue offering services to its customers such as in-store classes — and adequate staffing so customers could get help — and also to find ways to help them understand how they can affordably embark on a home improvement product.

How much do consumers expect to pay? A recent APC article explores how much it costs to paint a room.



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