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Mission Vacation: How Structure Builds Succession Planning

8 January, 2019

Because vacation shouldn't be impossible

As we've said many times in the past, Mission: Vacation is about more than just going on a vacation. The ability to go on vacation is among the first indicators that you are building a structured, sustainable, sellable business. This week, APC's publisher Andrew Dwyer talked to Brian Nolan of Nolan Consulting Group about how taking these first steps affect the ultimate end goal, which is a succession plan that allows you to one day retire with money in your pocket. Aside from a few laughs, listeners can plan to take away:

  • Things that belong in your ops manual.
  • The first position you should hire after you've built out your crews.
  • How you control the common sense of those you think don't have it.
  • Daily Double -- A tool that sets your crew leaders up for successful customer relations.

Listen now to hear some valuable advice from Nolan Consulting Group (all free!). We are entering our final week for entries for Mission: Vacation. If you feel that you are too busy to go on a vacation during the busy season, we can help! One winner will be choosen to take the Mission: Vacation challenge where he or she will receive free personalized consulting for three months with the end goal of going on a vacation during the busy season. 

Listen to the podcast on Succession Planning



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