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Adjustable Pattern Spray Paint

30 August, 2023

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Rust-Oleum has announced spray paint’s newest evolution, Custom Spray 5-in-1. This first-of-its-kind
innovation in spray paint technology allows painters to change spray patterns with a simple click of a dial.
It provides a choice of five different spray patterns: high output, standard, low output, vertical fan and
horizontal fan. Now, with a turn of the dial, select fan sprays for larger surfaces or lower output sprays for
detailed areas. You’ll get less overspray, fewer runs and drips, less wasted paint, and better results.
Custom Spray 5-in-1 is offered in the advanced Stops Rust formula, which harnesses technology to
provide 30% greater corrosion resistance and color retention as compared to the original Stops Rust.
Whether it’s a wide, flat surface, a tangle of nooks and crannies, or anything in between, complicated
projects need reimagined solutions. The Custom Spray 5-in-1 technology offers unexpected precision and
puts the painter in charge.
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