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Pneumatic sprayer for walls and ceilings

14 September, 2022


The Homax brand recently launched the Homax Tex>>Pro system, an innovative and proprietary pneumatic sprayer built to spray texture onto interior walls and ceilings. Designed and developed with insights from pro customers, it offers several key features that outperform traditional hopper guns: • Time saving: Ready-to-use texture cartridges and simple set up process provides a 70% faster set up and clean up than traditional hoppers. • Balanced design: Weighs 60% less than a traditional hopper gun, built with a neutral two-handed grip, allowing for greater ease of use and less strain on the body. • Simple to use: By adjusting the air pressure and spray tip, pros can achieve high-quality results, with textures ranging from very fine to coarse. The Tex>>Pro system pairs with ready-to-use cartridges, taking the guesswork and mess out of mixing. 
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