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Selling Remotely - The Tech Side

27 March, 2020


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Tapping on a keyboard

This is not the first time that you’ve heard of virtual quotes and virtual selling. First off, customers have asked for it since the beginning of time … but mostly like this: “What would you charge for the exterior of a 1500 sq ft house? Just a ballpark.” Ok, that was dark ages (or yesterday), but now we are entering a brave new world. More recently, you’ve likely heard multiple technologies touting attributes that will make this not only possible but easier. “If you are living off of pencil and paper or spreadsheets, that is not the way of a future;” says Kathy Droste of Estimate Rocket. And technologies companies are not the only ones talking about it; you’ve likely heard various contractors discuss the pros and cons and their ventures into the world of virtual quotes.

First off, let’s talk about meeting with customers remotely. You might feel that missing out on that personal meeting will make it impossible to sell. However, new technologies are going gangbusters carrying anything from team meetings to sales calls to virtual happy hours. These systems can allow that personal touch without an actual touch.

We started by reaching out Ryan Groth from Sales Transformation Group, Inc. who gave us some tips on setting up Calendly and Zoom to make it easy for customers to set virtual meetings with you.  

Getting Started:

  • Create a Calendly Account. It’s FREE! Click here for a step by step.
    • Ryan Suggests Creating two event types:
      • 15-minute discovery call
      • 30-minute project consult
    • If you have more than one salesperson and want to always have someone available to customers, see below for set up.
  • Zoom Account (Free for 1 on 1 calls, and group calls up to 40 minutes)
    • If you have more than one estimator/salesperson, get them each their own account.
  • Integrations: Now sync your Calendly to zoom and calendar (if not auto synced) for extra easy meetings. If you need help with that, click here for a step-by-step.
  • A laptop with webcam is all you need to start, but a smartphone with a camera or iPad with the Zoom app will work as well.
  • For those with PC’s, but an external camera, you can buy one to get you started here.
  • Headphones will be necessary as well, find one here.

Set up for Multiple Sales Members

  • To optimize your website for suspects and prospects to book a call with the team member that is first available, you must have at least two users in Calendly. 
  • From there, you can set up “teams”. Once you have the “team” created, a link will be created and from there you can customize accordingly.  
  • Be sure to select “round-robin”, which allows them to select the earliest available expert that works best for their schedule.
  • You can choose the team settings and add the “embed code” to your website. Have your web expert place it on the site so your customers can speak to one of your experts immediately. 

Taking the customer experience via Zoom to another level (only necessary once the basics are working properly with the team):

  • Buy an SLR Camera
  • Buy a compatible plug-in power chord versus using a battery
  • Buy an HDMI mini to plug into Camera and a USB Capture HDMI by Magewell
  • Buy a backdrop
  • Buy lighting to ensure a good experience

A few final words of inspiration from Groth who teaches sales teams across the country:

  • Don’t be afraid. This is an opportunity.
  • Stick with servicing old, existing buildings.
  • Share your mapped out “Virtual, digital, COVID-19 Safe, Contact-Free Process”
  • Communicate. Market. Sell. Sell. Sell. Require all sales staff to prospect digitally in 1-2-hour blocks in the conference room or remotely.
  • Get ready to endure a medical and economic storm, have courage.
  • Stick with training and coaching. We are here for you; this is a time to get better and pivot.

Next up, let’s talk software for painting contractors

From CRMs to field management to estimating software, there are tons of options out there who have considered the painting contractor when building. If you are looking to learn how to plan, budget and assess technology in addition to demo some amazing options, sign up for Tech Fest! Two days, all tech, all painting contractors!

Next up contractors talk about how they built a process for success. To see the article, click here

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