Jobsite of the Week: Hurricane Winds

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This week's Jobsite of the Week goes to Alabama House Painters. The team was 75% prepped out and 50% sprayed out when hurricane Sally came through and knocked the power out for a week. James said,"The storm was so strong on the back bay we didn’t even know if the house was still there. Once power was restored we got word that everything was fine come back and finish. We returned jumped right back into it where we left off and wrapped it up a week later. The owner was very pleased with the finish product as we were also."

He continues, "Being that the house was sitting right on the water and in those back bays the wind is always gusting no matter the time of year, so battling wind flash was constant. We managed it really well by changing tips constantly, as the wind picked up speed or decreased. We used Duration satin on the upper wood siding and mid section soffits, then went with resilience flat on the bottom portion of the house, excellent color and finish scheme. The docks were sprayed with clear super deck. The concrete coatings were all supplied by Sherwin Williams as well as all the paints. We had one door on the project that was brushed with fine paints or europe everything else was provided by our local Sherwin Williams store. The house was a total exterior re-paint top to bottom. Other than the storm we had the most amazing views a crew of painters could ask for."

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