Operations Survey: Serving the Market

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This came out largely as you might expect; the biggest markets served are residential repaint, followed by high-end residential repaint, then commercial, cabinet refinishing and new construction. A lot of painters are finding innovative ways to add services beyond "conventional" painting or beyond painting entirely, such as odd jobs, sandblasting and general repair.

There are many services that are good to have in your pocket, even if they are used rarely. While 25% of our respondents offer wallpaper hanging, only 2% claimed it as their most profitable market. The same goes for faux and decorative finishing - it's a service many offer, but it's not usually the mainstay of the business. The vast majority corresponds with what most people offer - residential and high-end residential repaint, with pressure washing as a runner up. Since it's a required part of prep in many instances, contractros are also finding success - even adding it to their company.

A suprising 31% offer multicolor coatings; this was big in the '90s but still has a place in commercial markets. Another popular service is popcorn ceiling removal, as that decorative concept seems to grow less popular by the minute. The percentage of contractors involved in lead abatement continues to drop, with many saying either on or off the record that with the current atmosphere of severe fines and strict guidelines, they'd rather avoid it altogether. Going back to 2009, both new construction and decorative painting have shown a decrease in painters calling them their most profitable market. 

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