COPs: Interior Shop Setup Maintenance

Craftsman Operating Procedures (COPs), developed by the PDCA Craftsmanship Forum, establish a benchmark for how painting is done at a craftsman level so that individual painting companies can customize them for their own brand of craftsmanship. From job site setup to painting trim to cleanup and closeout, COPs constitute a readymade tool to help you standardize craftsmanship practices within your painting company. COPs also help train employees in consistently delivering the quality that you promise your clients. Each month APC highlights a new COP.

RI-GL-4 — Interior Shop Setup and Maintenance

• Use commercial air cleaners to filter out airborne dust.

• Use an ozone air purifying machine to remove odors.

• Cover walls not to be painted, including wallpapered walls, with static-charged plastic sheeting. This plastic will usually adhere to the wall without the use of tape.

• Do not leave lunch bags or discarded food in shop garbage bags as pets or wildlife may get into the bags. Lunch leftovers should be taken home for disposal.

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