Paint Your Way to Fitness

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Need to get in shape? You might be in the right place! If you’re an active painter, you’ll be happy to know that many of your daily activities burn good calories nd help keep you fit and trim. If you’re at a desk job, well… maybe you can join the crew for an occasional paints-ercize session, though we’re sure estimating can get your heart rate up as well, although for different reasons.

A report in The Sun, a publication from the United Kingdom, shared some findings from a research project on home improvement activities. It stated that for the average DIYer, painting can burn as much as 386 calories an hour for men and slightly less for women. If you’re a pro painter and you move faster, you probably earn the right to have that Philly beef sandwich at lunch.

Even better, some of the other activities you or your crew perform on a regular basis are also good for the heart – and soul, of course. Sanding, carpentry, and plastering fall into the category of high intensity exercise. Wallpaper installation is on the bottom of the list, but still burns 217 calories an hour. If you’re using an electric sander instead of the hand and elbow method you’ll probably burn less calories, but it’s probably a sacrifice many painters are willing to make.

The best news was that no matter the health benefits, the article recommends hiring a contractor for challenging jobs, so they can go out jogging while you come in jobbing.

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