Postcard Marketing — Cooler than you think!

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All your postcards are in the mail, but your phone is silent and your email is dead. “I knew it wouldn’t work, why aren’t they calling?” Here are a few tips to make sure your 2021 business is “in the cards.”

For one thing, there’s a reason they call it a picture postcard. Your design is as important as your message – if you don’t catch your customer’s eye, they won’t eye your catch. Joy Gendusa, CEO of PostcardMania, gave us some insight into the psychology of postcard design. “You just grabbed your mail and you’re in your kitchen sorting through what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. Your brain isn’t going to read and process a paragraph on a postcard unless something else catches your eye first — like the headline or an offer.” You have to earn their time, even if it’s just a few seconds. Here are four ways to keep your message out of the recycling bin.

1. Get their attention - use a bold headline and image that’s relevant to your service or the consumer’s life or current problems.

2. Raise their awareness of what you’re offering. A relevant image helps, as well a clear statement on what you offer.

3. Generate their interest  — list benefits in your advertising copy that are short, easy to read and clearly communicate how you can improve this person’s life or situation or solve a problem for them.

4. Motivate them to ACT NOW! Give them an offer or discount that is only available for a limited time and tell them how to reach you with a clear call to action.

Track your leads

It’s important to find out how, and where, your message is getting across by tracking every lead. For example, it’s possible that leads that appear to come directly from your website are from people who visited the site after they got your postcard. “It’s very important to put in a system that asks every single new lead how they heard about you,” said Gendusa. “You can do this on a form on your website or task the person who answers your phones to ask every new lead how they heard about you.” Then they can keep a record in your CRM, spreadsheet – or get this – write it down!

Finally, as we mentioned in our previous post card article, repetition is key. Customers need to see your name and message more than once. Think of how many messages McDonald’s puts out in a day, and everyone already knows who they are. Rather than mailing out 10,000 cards to a whole bunch of people once, sending out five cards targeting the same audience over a several months might more successfully light up your phone.

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