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February 11th, 2021
OSHAs Top Nine Fines in Q4 2020
We’ll be most likely hearing a lot more from OSHA as the year progresses. Sure, safety training can be costly and time-consuming, but it can save life and limb, keep families from suffering tragedy, plus if you’re caught flouting the rules the fines could put you out of business. Here are the biggest fines from the end of last year.
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Staircase Makeover
Think cabinet finishing has been big? Well it’s time to step up your game and look to stairs! Check out this staircase makeover by Revive and Décor. How did they keep the heavy wood grain from showing through? They prepped with Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler. Get Free Shipping on all grain fillers.
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What are painter's biggest challenges?
In our 2020 Operations Survey we asked painters what their biggest challenges are. Do you have a guess? Think of a couple that could be on this list and click through to see how they compare!
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Paint Polls: Negotiations
Who would you rather negotiate with, your suppliers or customers? Take 10 seconds to answer this one question past the link AND get the results for last week's survey...
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Sub Contractors - Contract Review
Unless you're already an expert in contract law, listen here and learn about pay-if-paid clauses, bonds, delay damages, default & termination...and more. Attorney Karalynn Cromeens joins Emily and Andrew for some legal talk! (And Andrew discusses legality of conjugal visits.
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How's Your Jobsite View?
Check our this recent jobsite by Campbell Painting overlooking the Turnagain Arm and the Kenai mountains. If you had an awesome Jobsite View, we want to see it! Send photos of your Jobsite Views to mgushulak@columbiabooks.com to be considered for a highlight in our magazine. It could even be on our December cover!
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Cabinet Refinishing Tips
The Pro Tip of the Week comes to us from Inspired By U. Corrie Leister discusses why adhesion testing prior to completing the work is key to achieving high quality results, every time! Thank you Corrie for sharing with the industry! Inspired By U
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