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February 18th, 2021
Painter Sponsors IMSA Racecar
A contractor’s love of the speedway led him to a long-term relationship with Wayne Taylor Racing and some championship drivers.
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Lead Smart
There’s a new way to train your crew to be safe on the job. This online, on-demand course trains with short informative videos, helpful repetition and quizzes. It provides detailed reports to owners and proof to OSHA that your company has a comprehensive, yearlong safety program.
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New National Sales Manager for Diamond Vogel
New National Sales Manager for the Architectural Division with over 3 decades of industry experience. Dean Gustafson's broad experience could help Diamond Vogel expand its relationships with pros...
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Paint Polls: A Year After COVID
We ask 1 question, After a year of COVID-19, how are your prospects looking? Answer it past the link. AND see the results from last week's poll, would you rather negotiate with customers or suppliers?
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Turn Your Freedom Machine On
Do you consider your business a "freedom machine"? Jason Paris does. He also admits contracting can tyrannize your life. Don't miss this powerful podcast as Emily and Andrew ponder the risks and rewards of painting with the new PCA Chairperson.
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Purdy Video
The Imhoff Fine Residential Painting Team reviews how they're able to boost efficiency and revenue by promoting in-shop training and quality tools. Learn more about the tools they show off past the link below Sponsored by Purdy
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