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Free Business Resources

Seven Steps to a Successful Software Implementation

One in three software projects attempted by companies fail, not because the software was the wrong choice or that it didn’t work for their company, but because companies failed to plan for a successful implementation. This doesn’t have to be your result. Check out these 7 Steps to ensure that…

Annual Strategic Planning Tool

If you run a painting business, the most important thing this quarter is planning for this year! This free resource includes a quick video, a simple strategic planning guide AND an industry-tested strategic planning template.

What is a Profit Plan - and why do I need one?

Your Profit Plan contains the building blocks that will help you get to the Profit number you want. A good Profit Plan includes a Financial plan, a Hiring plan, and a Marketing plan. Check out this 3-Step Guide to Create your Profit Plan for the new year.

90-Day Plan Template

Focusing on your Organization's Big Rocks in 3 month or "90 Day '' can make an enormous difference in attaining your future desired state vs. getting lost in millions of projects. The smaller planning time-frame allows for more attainable goals and helps prioritize what is critically important…

Cascading Planning Process Diagram

The Cascading Planning Process (CPP)™ is a cycle of planning activities that produce guiding documents for vision achievement at all levels in an organization. Every employee has a “line of sight” to the vision. It is a systematic approach that creates organizational alignment, employee…