Sherwin-Williams Postpones Opening of New HQ

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Opening day for Sherwin-Williams’ new facilities has been postponed from late 2023 to sometime in 2024. The company announced earlier this year that issues related to COVID-19 had slowed down the process, although it had initially wanted to keep the opening in 2023 as originally scheduled.

Recently, the company moved forward by announcing several partners it would be working with in the building project, including architects, a construction manager, and a project manager. It plans to construct two new facilities, a global headquarters and an R&D center, which combined will house 3,500 employees, with room to add upwards of 400 more including professional staff, engineers, and chemists.

The Sherwin-Williams addressed fears of civic leaders who were concerned that the company would build a smaller HQ than originally anticipated due to more employees working from home, stating that, as originally planned, its new HQ was being built to meet the demands of a growing workforce. “We recognize that the development, engagement and sense of community our employees share has been essential to our success for more than 150 years and would be difficult to sustain over the long-term with a remote-based workforce,” said CEO John G. Morikis in a statement.

No decision has been reached as to the disposition of the company’s current headquarters and R&D center.

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