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Going for Gold



For a client who loves gold so much she wanted it all around her house, Splat Paint was the obvious choice for the job. Splat Paint specializes in making its clients happy in all sorts of jobs and is experienced in working with gold, so it was able to master exactly what the client had in mind.


Splat Paint created gold-leafed ceilings, gold glitter ceilings, gold Venetian plastered walls with bits of embedded golden rocks in the family room and kitchen, gold-textured strie walls in the master bedroom, and textured gold shells on the master bathroom walls. They even plastered walls with bits of gold leaf peeking out, did faux-marbled columns with bits of gold flecks and applied gold-leaf details on moldings throughout house.




In the family room, Splat Paint applied its broken gold-leaf finish, which is when pieces of composition gold leaf are applied to the surface over a background painted chocolate brown. The moldings were detailed with Modern Masters’ metallic gold paint. The walls were five layers of Venetian plaster with embedded colored plaster stones that were sanded to expose the surface and then hand-polished.


In the master bathroom, Splat Paint applied its seashell finish by using a textured paint product and hand-finishing each seashell. Then, the wall was painted and each shell and the moldings were detailed with Modern Masters’ metallic paint.



Then, to top everything off, Splat Paint applied sparkly diamond dust to the ceiling of the foyer over a gold metallic background. Because the clients were so involved and so specific in their needs, Splat Paint owner Jeff Monsein got to know them well over the five months spent on the project, and they are now good friends. APC


 Splat Paint in Tampa, Florida.


Winner Date: May 26, 2015

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