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C.E.T. Paiting

Ossining, NY

Step by Step

A new coat of stain brought this house back to life.

The most rewarding projects for contractors and customers are often the ones where each step is simple, even if there are a lot of steps. Cedar siding restoration is very much that way. This job started with a lot of repair, as the house hadn’t been treated for a very long time. The crew had to remove mold, moss and stains.

“Our highly skilled crew began the project by applying wood reviver and brightener, then power washed at 4,000 psi, leaving the wood like new again,” said company owner Carlos Tacuri. After that, they did some light sanding to eliminate any splinters, then applied a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat transparent stain. Next step, they set to work matching new to old. All the deck boards were completely rotted, so the carpenter replaced them (the company offers carpentry services along with painting), and then painters sanded the new wood and applied a coat of transparent stain to match the house. The transformation is quite something, and the exterior has a glow that it hasn’t seen for a long time.

Before the project, the siding was pale and worn.
As you can see, there was a lot of siding to restore.
The deck boards were replaced before staining.

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Arborcoat