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National Coatings

Big Sky, MT

Under the Big Sky

This interior room at Yellowstone Club Village was part of this massive painting project.

This company is truly national, as this project employed crew members from several states, including Washington, Colorado and North Carolina (Corporate Location). It tested the endurance of painters working on a longterm distant project, but they aced that exam; the commitment to this job at all levels demonstrates a real expertise in the balance of production and quality.

Getting there was the first hurdle. Yellowstone Club Village, in Big Sky, Montana, is about an hour’s drive south from Bozeman. It’s a 550,000-square-foot private mountain resort in the Rocky Mountains that offers 48 ultra-luxury private residences. Amenities consist of multiple dining options; fitness centers including pools, spas and weightlifting; a hair and nail salon; parking structures and lots more. National Coatings was tasked to paint it, both interior and exterior. They would be there a while.

“It took almost 30 months to complete,” said VP of Operations, Steve Green. “The length of this project definitely took its toll on the painters, but they stuck with it and provided great, quality work.” Also, because the project took so long to complete, with a lot of the trades working the project, they were having some issues meeting deadlines. The commute was long, even at the best of times, and Montana weather being what it is, sometimes it was hard to get to work – or to get work done once they did.

When the going got tough, though they amped up the crews, bringing in painters from around the nation. “We had as many as 35 painters on site, so we could ensure our job would get done in the allotted time,” said Green.

Exterior work in progress.
Plush resort interior.
This massive project took two and a half years.