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Caulking: A Little Is Enough

Caulking application is one of those necessary skills that experienced painters sometimes take for granted. You just do it, and you do it right. You expect that it should be that easy for everyone, but often it isn’t. I haven’t seen many newbies come along with a natural aptitude for caulking, so we have to remember to train for this prep skill in our companies. It is a skill that every painter needs to master.

Mission: Vacation - Towards a Higher Hiring Purpose

A focus on your hiring process can bring that vacation time even closer

Jobsite of the Week: Cabin Fever

This week's Jobsite of the Week comes to us from Creations By Brian, LLC near Muskegon, MI. This home needed some fresh stain on its west side and deck.

Marketing Monday: Google My Business

Welcome to Marketing Monday! This new series, courtesy of APC, will cover both basic and advanced marketing tools contractors can use to grow their business. Each week, we're picking the brains of industry experts, who will share their knowledge with you with the goal of helping you to apply some of these lessons in your own business and better market your services.

APP-Solutely Fabulous - Vendor Apps

Whether it’s color selection – and who doesn’t want help with that? – more product information or just finding something in the store, learning how to navigate an app can make your day more productive and maybe introduce you to new concepts before everyone else finds them! The apps below are designed for the pro painter and crew to help with communication –either with vendors, customers or each other – and product or color selection.

Make Yourself Easy - Because Hiring You Shouldn't Be Hard!

You have to talk to Joe, and he’s only here the third Friday of the month between ten and one.”

“We’ll be there sometime between nine and three and if you miss our warning call, we’ll cancel the visit.”

Mission: Vacation - Creating the Plan

We’re thrilled to be kicking off another Mission: Vacation series with APC and this year’s winner, Eric Craine from All-Ways Painting. It’s a program that continues to bring us back to the core purpose of why Nolan Consulting Group was born 16 years ago.

Investing in Vulnerability

Tasks for Masks

Safety has a lot of enemies – stupidity, greed, disinterest and dishonesty, for example – but for our purposes, we’ll go with the seen and the unseen. What you can see is,  “Don’t climb up there, there’s a hole in the roof!” The second is along the lines of, “Caden and Arthur are sneezing and it’s getting all over.”  Yuck? You bet. A talk with IUPAT safety director Anton Ruesing gave us the lowdown on safety issues you can see – easy to spot, and those you can’t – easy to inhale.

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