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Are you paying enough?

APC recently reported on Painter Wages by State. This week…

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Are we headed for recession?

Is there a recession coming? It depends on who you talk…

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Painter Wages By State

If COVID’s done anything, it’s thrown our wage system…

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Civic-Minded Painting

Training your employees is important, but the owner of…

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Are we headed for recession?

Is there a recession coming? It depends on who you talk to as well as your industry. An article…


When Customers Go Bad

Every contractor has stories of difficult customers. Some are curmudgeons, some don’t want to…


Disposable Respirator Choices

By now, we’re probably all familiar with N95 disposable respirators. In fact, I’m sure most of…


Building Company Culture

Josh Abramson and Cole Palea share stories of building a strong and healthy company culture anchored in trust, respect and innovation. Get tips on finding your own authentic culture, communicating that culture to customers and new hires, and avoiding “the silent killers”: gossip and subcultures.

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Facts You Didn't Know About Primers

How much do you really know about primers? We had a fascinating discussion with Greg Williams and Thomas McEvoy from Kilz, and TikTok star and painting contractor Klaudio Dulemata about everything primers: coverage, failures, tinting, prepping…all of it.

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How to Reach Your Revenue Goal

Andrew and Emily talk with paint industry financial whiz Linnea Blair to nail down how to bump a business to the next revenue marker. Struggling to hit $500k? $1 mil? $2mil? We provide a road map, with stops at Gross Profit Margin, Fixed Expenses, even Net Operating Profit Before Owner’s Comp.

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TOP JOB: Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet is one of the most remote luxury resorts in the world. Located in the heart of the Alaska Range, 10 miles from the peak of Denali one painting crew landed the job of a lifetime.

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Maintaining Your Business Humanity

Learn how doing good within your client list and your community can grow your business. FrogTape lays out 3 easy methods to develop your company's human connection.

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Painter's and Masking Tape Application

The best jobs all start the same way, with Scotch® Painter's Tapes. Scotch® Brand has a full line of painter's tapes to help you conquer whatever surface you're painting. And it's the most trusted brand by professional painters*. The best paint jobs start with Scotch® Painter's Tape.

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Painting Contractors Guide to Doubling Sales is Now a Book!

Sales Consultant Carl Utter wrote the book on doubling your sales if you're a painting contractor. Now you can download two free chapters. A six step selling system that will crush the competition regardless of your price.

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Tool of the Week

Purdy has added three new brushes to its Cub Brush line. The shorter handle allows painters to easily reach tight spaces when cutting in corners, painting cabinets and shelving, and doing trim work.

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APC is the Official Partner of the PCA

Learn more about how this industry association can


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Covering application techniques, new products, business techniques and news, APC is the trusted tool


Video of the Week

Prep2Finish's Todd Pudvar and Scott Burt cover the best practices for spraying latex on interior doors.

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Podcast of the Week

Here’s the refresher you need before hiring and onboarding a new employee. Job description, apprenticeship checklist, 7- 30- and 90-day reviews, EIN, W-4, I-9…everything you need to protect new hires from becoming flashes in the pan.

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