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Trish Ulm Finds Painting a Home Away from Home

She has been painting for only about three years, but…

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Independent Contractor or Employee?

Are your workers employees or contractors?…

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New Paint Shortage Strategy: Sell Used Paint

With the paint shortage showing no signs of easing, paint…

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FTC Files Complaint Against HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor has drawn the attention of the FTC for claims…

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Jobsite of the Month: View of the Marina




Congratulations to this month's Jobsite of the week. This was the…


Is Paint Polluting the Oceans?

Paint continues to lead in micro plastic pollution



Bob Vila's Top Paint Picks

Do you agree? Of course you don't! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...


Fear Not! You Too Can Boost SEO

Don’t be intimidated! SEO is not an uncrackable algorithm. Andrew & Emily talk with two pros who explain better methods for web site format (headers, bullets and blogs!). Bonus: How/Why to research your competitors. Listen, learn and love!

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Upskilling Your Painters

There is no limit to what a painter can create... and what they can make. If you are looking for career paths for craftspeople and new high-end finishes to offer your customers, International Decorative Artisans League might have some ideas (and training) for you.

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Overcoming Price Objections

How do you stay out of bidding wars and get paid what you're worth? Matt Thibeau of Savant Marketing Agency walks through how you can generate reliable leads, quality referrals, and strategies on handling the price objection if you get it. Sponsored byCompanyCamandEstimate Rocket

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Maintaining Your Business Humanity

Learn how doing good within your client list and your community can grow your business. FrogTape lays out 3 easy methods to develop your company's human connection.

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Painter's and Masking Tape Application

The best jobs all start the same way, with Scotch® Painter's Tapes. Scotch® Brand has a full line of painter's tapes to help you conquer whatever surface you're painting. And it's the most trusted brand by professional painters*. The best paint jobs start with Scotch® Painter's Tape.

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Great Expectations: Owning Reviews

Word of mouth is a driving force behind your sales, and online reviews support those customer experiences. Learn how to leverage great reviews and how you might be able to flip a bad one. Sponsored by FrogTape

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Complete Guide to Getting Google Reviews

When homeowners search for painting services in your area, will they find you? As part of your SEO strategy for local Google search, you need recent customer reviews. Get this free guide to learn how to get a Google Review link get more reviews, and manage negative Google reviews.

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Tool of the Week

Door Deckers from Mr. Speed Painting. Check out this door finishing system.

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APC is the Official Partner of the PCA

Learn more about how this industry association can


Current Issue

Covering application techniques, new products, business techniques and news, APC is the trusted tool


Video of the Week

Check out tools Doug Imhoff Painting in Denver, Colorado uses to keep things running efficiently and on time.

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Podcast of the Week

Trouble hiring? Need benefits? Listen in to hear how to set up a 401K program for your company, quick and easy.

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