3 Reasons Painters are Turning to Low-Pressure Tips

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Low-pressure tips are gaining ground on production-size jobs.

By Chris Noto

Low pressure tips have traditionally been used for fine finishing jobs, like cabinetry and trim. But new technologies are making them viable for production jobs as well, with specialized tips for spraying architectural coatings like interior and exterior latex, primers, and acrylic.

There are legitimate reasons why manufacturers are pumping out low pressure tips (no pun intended)—and we are talking very low pressures, like 1,000 to 1,500 psi, as compared to standard sprayers as high as 3,000 psi.

1. Greater control

Spraying at this kind of low pressure gives painters more control over the spray pattern. It’s more contained, making spraying more precise with a softer fan pattern and feathered edges for a more consistent finish when overlapping spray patterns. Low pressure also decreases the amount of masking required, so it speeds up prep time.

2. Lower replacements costs

Another significant benefit is that low pressure tips last longer—up to twice as long with some tips. All sprayer tips eventually will wear as they are used, but you’re likely to replace low pressure tips less frequently than standard tips due to the lower force and lower amounts of abrasion. Because there’s less force used for spraying at low pressures, pumps last longer too, and they will spray more gallons of paint before repacking is needed.

3. Environmental protection

There are environmental benefits to low pressure spraying. Because low pressure spraying minimizes overspray—by up to 55 percent less with some tips as compared to standard tips—the air is cleaner faster for the contractor spraying, the jobsite, and the building’s occupants.

If you haven’t yet tried low pressure, I’d recommend purchasing a tip and trying it for yourself. Remember, most low pressure tips are interchangeable and will work with any brand of sprayer.

Chris Noto is the director of professional products at Titan. He has been in the painting business for 27 years in sales, training and product development functions. 

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