Product Roundup: Applicators

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Purdy Chinex Elite Brushes

Efficiency and production are the target for the new Purdy Chinex Elite brush series, coming out in several models including the Glide, Bow, Sprig and Swan. Users can choose between angled or flat in 2”, 2.5” and 3” with different handle style options. All models have stainless steel ferrules.

The Elite series features Dupont Chinex filaments with pre-flagged bristles which hold more paint and leave fewer brush marks in the finish, getting painters to a better finish faster. These bristles are designed to pick up and release both interior and exterior paints easily. Chinex Elite brushes are very easy to clean up at the end of a painting session.



The Microfiber Jumbo Mini

Sounds like an oxymoron, but painters want the miniroller to hold lots of paint and lay it out nicely. The mini roller doesn’t have to be just a convenience tool anymore; you can actually get really nice finishes with them.

ArroWorthy, a company well-respected for the roller gear, is making the microfiber mini and every day option for painters. The 4-inch Barracuda frame, paired with the Mighty Mini Microfiber rollers naps in 4 or 6.4 inches are sure to be a hit in your tool box. The microfiber naps are available in 1/4-, 3/8- and 9/16-inch to cover a wide range of task types.



Corona Extra-Long Chinex Brushes

Corona has introduced two extralong filament models to it’s Performance Chinex family of pro brushes: the 2 ½- and 3-inch Express angular sash series and the 3-inch Atlas square edge wall brush.

The Express and Atlas brushes are handmade with a full stock of extra-long, custom formulated 100% DuPont Chinex filament, which the manufacturer says offers great painting performance for oil and latex paints, especially modern high-viscosity acrylic coatings. These new extralong brushes are designed to save painters time and effort by picking up more paint in each load. Less going back to the bucket. Less dipping. More painting.



Click and Roll for Quick Color Changes

What’s one way to save cleanup time and avoid paint waste? Italian paint tool manufacturer Nespoli Group will soon be launching in the U.S. a roller and cage with a quick release, allowing you to release your roller cover into an airtight container without touching or cleaning it for up to 21 days. Perfect for jobs that require you to pick up the same paint color the following day or even weeks down the line. Fewer roller set ups and less time cleaning means more time painting.

This is a 10-inch roller format with high quality naps that are anti-spatter and lint free, with high recovery fibers for durability. The system will be available in ¾-, ½- and ⅜-inch thicknesses.



Premier Paint Roller Company Rolls out New Brushes

In 2018 Premier Paint Roller released its first two lines of 100% handcrafted Dupont filament professional paint brushes. The Montauk, a Tynex/Orel firm filament blend and the Riverdale Chinex extra firm filament blend were designed and built for use with today’s high-performance paints.

Premier’s mission is to develop the highest quality paint brushes for use with the new zero- to low-VOC high viscosity paints. Premier has been manufacturing rollers and other accessories for over 50 years. Their products are available at independent paint stores throughout the country.



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