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Did You Miss Tech Fest?? 

Here is what some of the Tech Fest attendees had to say:

“The TechFest was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  I am so glad you put it together.  You guys were incredible and the exhibitors were great!”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the Tech Fest. I found an easy answer to the only situation I had in the first hour, and then mostly just walked around to meet the vendors, so I may advance a few more things that I hadn’t considered.
This format was not only well-suited to pandemic times, but I’d love to be able to do other conferences like this. So often it’s too hard to participate in events just because of the time and travel commitments required. To be able to pop in for an hour or two from my own desk was just perfect. Besides, the avatars and the virtual world were entertaining. I loved the fireworks and the boats and although I missed the dance, it sounds like it would have been fun. Keep up the innovations!”

“The APC Tech Fest event was truly a spectacular event.  It’s one thing to do something virtually, but it’s another thing to bring together great content on an easy-to-use platform.  The opportunity to engage on a one-on-one level with vendors and other contractors was very easy and fun.  Panel discussions were so lively with audio and chat dialogue going on at the same time offering better access than a live event.  Can’t say enough about Tech Fest and while virtual events were not really on my radar previously, I will definitely be paying attention to future APC event offerings.  Thanks Emily, Andrew and the rest of the gang for putting on a great event!”

Did You Miss Tech Fest? 
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What is APC Contractor Tech Fest?

The only tech event specifically for painting contractors!
Learn about today’s technology and how they can help your painting business.

·        Demos of technology for painting companies

·        Get your questions answered and listen to the questions asked by other painting business owners

·        Get advice on how to budget and choose the right tech for your business

·        Learn strategies to implement and maximize your new technology


Tech Fest is a Virtual Event!
No travel required – no need to leave your business. 
APC’s virtual conference is exactly that – Log into Tech Fest and…

·        Enjoy our Virtual Conference Center

·        This is not a video chat. You’ll log into our virtual world and YOU control where you go and what you learn!

·        Network and talk (yes, actually talking, not typing!) with fellow contractors

·        Sit-in as tech providers demonstrate their technology

·        Ask questions… get answers!


Tech Fest is your one-stop opportunity to get all of your tech questions answered.

$99 Contractor Tech Fest 2-Day Ticket
(Early Bird Pricing Ends Nov. 6)
  • 8 Tech Demos
  • Technology Bootcamp
  • All Educational Sessions
Register Now
$249 Vendor Tech Fest 2-Day Ticket
  • Event Access
  • All Educational Sessions
  • Networking Events
  • (Please note that vendors may not attend tech demos)
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Don’t miss out on this unique and interactive training event!

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American Painting Contractor, a division of CBIS
1560 Wilson Blvd
Suite 825 Arlington, VA 22209

Cancellation Policy: If you are not able to attend for any reason, please notify us as soon as possible. Conference cancellations received 10 business days prior to the event are fully refundable. All other cancellations are non-refundable.