Schlotzsky's Earns Guinness Title for Larger-Than-Life Mural

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Schlotzsky's joins the ranks of those who have dared to dream big, becoming an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holder for the “most contributions to a painting by numbers.” The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt was the culmination of a three-day celebration in the brand's hometown of Austin, Texas to mark the 46th birthday and the first official "Schlotzsky's Day," proclaimed by the City of Austin on October 6.

The paint-by-numbers mural was designed by street artist and the "Mayor of Austin Graffiti Art," Sloke One. Situated on a background featuring the Austin skyline, a larger-than-life replica of The Original sandwich Schlotzsky's started serving in 1971 was sketched onto the brick wall on the side of the building at the Schlotzsky's South Lamar Boulevard location.

The mural features 2,643 individual sections painted by Austinites and visitors over the course of three days. It surpassed the 2,604 goal and has become a colorful, permanent legacy in the city. Over 22 gallons of paint were brushed onto the wall.

The previous record was held by Victoria Educational Organisation in Hong Kong, which had 2,603 contributions to a 42-foot-long mural completed on December 22, 2015.

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