He Painted the Wrong House - Again!

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His boss says his work is second to none, but this British painter has a habit of showing up at the wrong house and getting right to work. You might laugh it off as an honest mistake, but seven or eight times in the past three years, someone’s gotten a free paint job thanks to this amazingly talented, yet address-challenged man. In fact, recently he started on the right house, took a phone call and returned to the wrong one. Since the homeowners have been gone during the day, they’ve come home to quite a surprise, but so far no one’s demanded it be painted back and they are usually quite pleased with the mistake – it’s a free paint job, after all!

While his boss has fired him more than once, because he’s so good at what he does, it’s been worth bringing him back on board and taking the chance that he’ll show up in the right place and provide the excellent service his company’s known for. More recently, the company owner has used these mistaken jobs for publicity, filming the painter’s mistakes and posting them on social media.

Other contractors interviewed for this story, published by the BBC, noted that they’ve never had an experience with painters showing up to the wrong place, especially this often, and the business owner himself said he had some heart-stopping moments the first couple times this happened. The painter acknowledged the problem, but wasn’t sure why it kept happening.

Business owners who find themselves in the same predicament might be happy to know that jobsite and time management apps and technology allow you to make sure your painters show up to the correct address.

Source - BBC.com

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