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Personas: The Lifter

30 October, 2019

The Lifter
Age: 68


You know you can count on Steve to be there for you. Even after he retires. He knows painting and has stories to tell, often starting with his childhood spent on job sites with his dad. Every time Steve considered veering into another career, painting called him back. Same thing both times he threatened to retire. Steve doesn’t like to sit still long, and there’s just something about the mechanical task and the focus it demands that appeals to him. He’s a

part of the team and takes great pride in what he does. These days you find yourself cherry-picking the projects you know Steve’s aching back can handle, but you know your longest-term employee isn’t ready to stop working just yet.

To have a way to support himself during his retirement.

Steady employment and job security.

Lack of healthcare. After all, Steve has spent a lifetime tearing up his back and shoulders and now he’s
paying for it daily.How he helps you: Steve has a lifetime of technical skill knowledge within him and is the breathing embodiment of your company. He may not be able to scale a ladder as quickly as he once did, but if you pair him with your new workers you can more quickly train them on technical skills.

How you can help him:
Pick projects that give Steve some downtime and put him at less risk of muscle pain or falls. And although Steve may have a lifetime of knowledge, teaching doesn’t come easy to everyone. See about offering Steve some training and insight on how to be a mentor to an up-and-coming generation that is likely to do things a bit differently than he does.

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