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Paint Polls Results: Early Retirement

8 April, 2021

Last week we asked painters, if you could sell your business tomorrow for 4x your 2020 profit, would you? Here are their responses...
Oh and be sure to fill out this week's poll, what brand of sprayer do you use? 

Check out some of the comments about selling...

  • This opinion is entirely my own however I believe it is shared by many in the painting trade. If a painting contractor could sell their business for 4x their 2020 profit and not look back, then the painting trade might not have ever meant much to them in the first place. I know this poll is a hypothetical question but it is actually rare to see a painting business sell. It takes a lot out of you to build a good business to call your own. I would have a tough time selling my business because I couldn't be sure the new owner would give my customers the same professional and honest service I give them. 46 years in the painting business and looking forward to number 47!
  • I'm 67, hubby is 68. Yes, please.

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