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Painter's Wear for Women

5 October, 2021



Anna Taskpant, from Dovetail Workwear, is the perfect easy-wearing, multitasking pant for painters, builders, and anyone else who gets dirty on the job. Like all of Dovetail Workwear’s products, Anna Taskpant is built for women’s bodies, has a ton of real pockets that fit women’s hands, a tool loop, double-front leg panels and a crotch gusset for easy movement. The midweight canvas has a super-comfortable stretch without bagging out. Built to sit a little slouchy on the hip and relaxed through the leg. Available in sizes 0–18 and inseams/ lengths 28", 30", 32" and 34”. Get a 20% discount on your first order with code APC20.

More information at

Women in Painting

Hear the podcast on making your painting company more female friendly. 

See this crew keep their jobsite efficient and organized. 

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