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Contractor Spotlight Livening Up a Local Restaurant

28 April, 2021

Dirty Taco and Tequila in Woodbury, NY is no normal taco joint. Accompanying its authentic LA taco recipe is an Asian influence that serves up an exciting new taste to its customers. But a restaurant is more than food. When done well, a restaurant creates an experience that stimulates all the senses. So how do you create a visual experience that is as unique as the cuisine? Well, first, you call a pro.

Arlene McLoughlin from Woodbury, New York is known for her incredible painting work, not just in her local area but all over the nation. She frequents the pages of American Painting Contractor magazine because of her flair for the fantastic, skill to create the spectacular and a will to turn her customers’ dreams into reality. McLoughlin excels in all areas of decorative finishes including wood graining, refined chinoiserie, marbling and murals. She was thrilled to be given the opportunity to put her skills to the test! 

Once called out to bid the job, McLoughlin got a clear understanding of what the owner wanted: A tattoo feeling that included geisha’s, sugar skulls, a dragon, and some very beautiful “Day of the Dead” females. It began with a sketch of what would be a massive 30x40 foot panoramic mural. The faces would reach upwards of eight feet tall and include a unique blend of vivid, Benjamin Moore colors. “I used Benjamin Moore because the colors are vibrant,” said McLoughlin.  With the creative agreed upon, the mural took five days to create.

Five days... of working horizontally, not vertically as the only workable mural space was the ceiling. “It was the only area in the restaurant that allowed for any sort of decorative art. The walls are all windows or brick,” McLoughlin said. Using scaffolding that was frequently moved to perfectly position her for work 24 feet up in the air.

Once completed, the painter and customer were thrilled. This is how you use color! The faces looking down from the ceiling include eyes that follow patrons as they move about the restaurant. This job truly illustrates the lengths that a Benjamin Moore color palette combined with the skill of a pro can bring new life to a space.

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