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Paint Polls Results: Name Recognition

3 March, 2021

We asked contractors, "How strong is your company name recognition in your market?" Here are your responses...

Some support their answer with the following statements:

  • I am from old school but I keep up to date. Over the years I have paid attention to what works and what does not. We rely on name recognition after all, being Joel Wells Painting Company in our 47th consecutive year has worked out pretty good. I put my name on every job, literally! I do want customers to know me as an individual contractor with a name, reputation, references and ability instead of " one of the painters " ,"a bidder" or worse," a number!" Repeat and Referral business accounts for the majority of our jobs.Customers are pleased to have the same familiar painters from our company that were on their job the last time they had painting done. This seems true with commercial as well as residential customers. Lastly, I am glad customers call us specifically because they want a professional job not because they " just want a quote from a painter".
  • We are still new to our area, but growing.
  • We work in the commercial and industrial arena exclusively which has a much smaller customer base than residential.

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