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COVID-19 Survey Week 2

2 April, 2020

APC began is conducting a weekly survey in order to keep a pulse on the effect of COVID-19 on contractors and report it back to you. As we move week to week on this survey we will  track the individual sectors and the concerns and plans of businesses. In week 3 (results gathered from April 2-April 9), stay at home orders in multiple states hit the industry pretty hard. Week 3 of the survey is now open. Even if you filled out the first survey in the past, we ask that you fill out the survey for week 4 so we can report on the change in the market as events unfold. Take the new survey here. 

Business Closing Down


Sectors Ranked by Least to Most Affected

  Increase/Same Decrease
Multi-Family Exterior Jobs 82% 18%
New Construction Residential 82% 18%
School Jobs 74% 26%
Gov't Jobs 74% 26%
Other Commercial Jobs 71% 29%
Residential Exterior Jobs 68% 32%
New Construction Commercial 64% 36%
Healthcare Jobs 63% 38%
Retail Jobs 58% 42%
Entertainment Venue Jobs 50% 50%
Multi-Family Interior Jobs 46% 54%
Restaurant Jobs 39% 61%
Residential Interior 33% 67%
Hotel Jobs 29% 71%

If your work has slowed or you have closed your doors, what are you working on? 

Almost every respondent was working on their business in some way, shape or form. Though we did have a few people note that after years of backlogs, they were taking a much needed break. Here were some of the most cited activities:

  1. Advertising/Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Orgainizing
  4. Strategy
  5. Planning
  6. Hiring

What is the biggest positive you hope to come out of this? 

There was a very positive theme to most of the responses for this question, many citing a need for our society to be generally more grateful for all that we have. As far as business goes, these were our most cited positives:

  1. Better systems and productivity after a planning period
  2. Less competition
  3. More employees
  4. Higher demand after people stare at their walls for a month
  5. Higher demand leads to higher prices
  6. Better infection control


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