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Vote in APC’s Paint Tool Bracket!

9 September, 2021


What’s the best paint tool? A 5-in-1? An Airless? How about a Dustless Sander? Well, here’s your chance to decide, because APC created a Paint Tool Bracket!

Click the link and check out our genius. We have 32 tools competing in a standard, single-elimination bracket. They’re even seeded. Can an 8 Seed topple a 1 Seed? Who wins when (4) Spray Stand goes up against (5) Drying Rack? What if Mini Roller meets 18” Roller in round 2? Imagine if Stilts face Extension Pole? Awkward!

Like any great sporting event, this competition is decided by online voting. We’ll have a new slate of matchups every few days, so definitely follow APC on Facebook to keep up with the action.

“Was it unwise to have a dozen APC staffers dedicating an entire month to create this bracket?” asked APC Publisher Andrew Dwyer. “Yes. That was unwise. But it also demonstrates the commitment APC has to the painting contractor.”

“We love the sports games!” added Emily Howard, Editor-in-Chief.

So enjoy the bracket, and vote the bracket. Make sure your favorites make it through to the next round.

Voting Page

Facebook Page

Instagram Page

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