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In My Experience: Cabinet Trends

7 December, 2022

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Michael Craine 
Craine Painting LLC 
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 

Cabinet Trends Michael Craine

In my experience, clients tend to go with the “safe bet” of a shade of white. We do see branching out into darker navies on lowers or islands every fourth project or so. I am seeing a trend toward a darker blue/green, which is a treat for us. 

Brandon Smith 
Brand New Again Refinishing 
Bismarck, Illinois 

Cabinet Trends Brandon Smith

We are noticing an influx in gold/ champagne-colored hardware on whites with creamy undertones and it does NOT disappoint! It seems like a majority of people in the Midwest are transitioning away from the bold two-tone look into a more casual, sleek, and clean look. 

Chris Day 
Day’s Painting 
Louisville, Kentucky 

Cabinet Trends Chris Day

We are currently noticing a trend of white cabinets with an accent color on the island, usually a gray or dark blue. The contrast looks amazing and really makes the island pop. We use Sher- Wood Lacquer and are very pleased with the product and the way it gives the cabinets the perfect finish. 

Lisa Moon 
Paper Moon Painting 
Austin, Texas 

Cabinet Trends Lisa Moon

In my experience, I’m seeing a lot bolder color (greens, blues). Also, the stronger the color, the more likely homeowners are to use light or white upper cabinets, paired with dark or deep-color lowers, to keep the kitchen from feeling too heavy. Also, there is a resurgence of the all-white kitchen. While you might think it’s just a trend of the moment, painting kitchen cabinets white is actually a timeless look that will never go out of style. Whether traditional or contemporary, in a hundred-year-old farmhouse or a modern high-rise condo, a white kitchen almost always works. 

Cindy Howard 
Decorative and Faux Finishing 
Sugar Land, Texas 

Cabinet Trends Cindy Howard

This photo illustrates some of the trends we’ve seen in cabinets, in kitchens and other rooms as well. Often, white cabinets are set off through specialty finishes in other areas of the room.

Yanni Fikaris 
Custom Renovations 
Haddonfield, New Jersey 

Cabinet Trends Yanni Fikaris

Overall, we have seen an increase in wood tones and spots of bold colors and metals entering back into the kitchen space. We are doing a lot of refacing and custom cabinets with recessed panels with wider rails and stiles. I also like to incorporate full height doors when I can, to elevate the space. Bold colors in offices and bars hold steady, as do very popular off-white colors built to last, include white cove, white tie, Chantilly lace, and creamy. APC  

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