3 Ways Painters Can Profit from DIY Tension

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The recently released Coinstar® Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Improvement Survey, conducted among U.S. homeowners, reports that the majority (65%) plan a home improvement project to save money, and nearly three in five respondents believe it will increase the value of their home.

As you might imagine, however, many of these projects fail to be completed due to a variety of obstacles. By understanding these challenges, professional painting contractors can better market their services to homeowners attempting to go it alone on major remodeling projects.

According to the Coinstar survey:

  • Ineffective budgeting kills projects. Most DIYers (70%) will create a budget and use cash on hand to pay for projects, yet 30% say they've left a project incomplete because they ran out of money. By working with homeowners to select finishes and products that match their budget, painting contractors may gain an edge.

  • Remodeling breeds strife among family. More than two-thirds of homeowners typically perform DIY projects with someone else in the household like a family member or significant other. Of respondents who report doing a DIY project with someone else, 65% say they got into a disagreement related to the project. This is one area where a third-party expert is a definite advantage.

  • More than one quarter of homeowners surveyed consider themselves unskilled or under-skilled when it comes to home improvement projects. Regardless of skill level, the majority of DIYers learn how to tackle a project by learning online through YouTube videos and using search engines to locate how-to answers. That means posting your how-to videos online can be an effective way to get in front of those homeowners who may already know they’re in over their head.

The survey also found that 61% of respondents plan to spend $500 or more on a home improvement project this year. That’s reason enough to reach out to DIY-wannabes with information on how your company can bring their vision to life.

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