Painters React to HomeAdvisor Lawsuit

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Painting contractors are speaking out about the class action lawsuit filed against HomeAdvisor and its parent company, IAC/InterActiveCorp. in July in Denver—and many are looking for information on how to join the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, a group of nine home improvement contractors from eight states are alleging that the lead generation platform uses misleading sales techniques to sell contractors “bogus leads” to generate higher profit. Painters took to Facebook to share their own stories of bogus leads and aggressive sales techniques.

“They took near $1,000 from my account, not one single valid lead,” commented Jay Timmerman, in a complaint echoed by many other painters.

“We stopped using them because of their bogus old, leads and they would give these leads to six or seven contractors at a time,” added Jeremy Rubin. “They would charge us for an exclusive lead and the homeowners would tell us that we were the sixth contractor who called.”

“Many times they sent leads and hoped I would bite, for stuff like painting a bathroom where the homeowner has the paint and it’s 45 minutes away. You’d be hard pressed to take that lead,” agreed Robert Holloway.

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