Welcome to Mission: Vacation


Are you busy all the time? Dealing with a task list that never ends? Running in a million directions? Are you starting to think that running a painting business is not what you thought it would be? If you answered

yes, APC and Nolan Consulting Group want to help.

Now through March 01, 2021 we will be accepting entries for the Mission: Vacation series. One contractor will receive three months of free consulting from Nolan Consulting Group. This will include an assessment of your current business, a customized plan, and coaching phone calls.

The goal over the three-month period is to implement systems that allow the you to take time off in a sustainable way. APC will report on your story of transformation throughout the process through editorial, podcasts and video.


Thank you to our sponsors supporting better, happier, and more sustainable businesses for painting contractors.



  • You must be a painting contractor with at least 80% of revenue coming from residential, commercial or industrial paint jobs.
  • You must be willing to work hard and make real changes to your business, implement new ideas and be held accountable.
  • You must be willing to be featured in editorial, podcasts and videos produced that report on your business, your challenges and your progress. The coverage of this consulting and your progress will be produced solely by APC.
  • If you are chosen, you must keep your selection confidential until the time that APC releases the winner of the contest.