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  • How Your Structure Builds Succession Planning
     When thinking about an employee, do you ever say "that was common sense, why didn't he/she think to do that?". If so, there might be some structure you can build into your business that will help you avoid these situations and build a more sellable business. Listen Now.

  • Mission: Vacation
     Do you own a job or a business? No biggie, but the answer will determine if your company is healthy or unhealthy. Brian Nolan discusses the difference, and how you get from one to the other. Listen Now.

  • How Your Vacation Can Grow Your Business
     You likely got into this gig so you could have personal freedom. But do you have it or are you the worst boss you've ever had? We discuss how prepping for a vacation can be the very first step in building a sustainable, profitable business. Listen Now.


  • Why You Need a Vacation
     Believe us when we say everyone around you wants you to take a break!! It's not only good for you, it's good for your business. Let's talk about what you are actually accomplishing when you step away. Read Now.

  • What It's All About
     We've set up the ultimate challenge for an owner who still feels as though they are at the center of everything that happens in their business. If you feel like you don't have time to grow, don't have time to plan, don't even have time to get away on a vacation. Read Now.


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