Operations Survey: Employee Head Count

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Company size is fluid; painting companies often grow in the summer and shrink in the winter. All 401 participants responded to the question of company size, with 21% reporting they were the only person at their company. Nearly 60% reported that the company was “just me” or had five or fewer employees, while a quarter stated they had from six-20 employees. The nine largest companies in our survey provide employment for over 100. 

Some industry projections for the future suggest that many of the “pot & brush” companies are owned by, on the whole, older painters who aren’t being replaced, and that as they retire, we’ll see fewer of these operations and more larger companies moving in to fill in that void. The swing from 2018 was a 10%
increase in favor of larger companies, mainly a decrease in the companies with one to five employees in favor of those with six-20, but again, coronavirus had a significant impact on employment for contractors of all sizes.

Last Week's Op Survey Results: Revenue Projections

How did you expect 2020 to close out? Did you see a rise in revenue? Or did it stay the same or plummet? See how painters faired in 2020 and gauge the market past the link...

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I saw a rise in revenue in 2020 and see 2021 to be maybe more. My demand is high and also raising rates. One arm of business is coaching the homeowner and that countinues to grow.

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