Paint Polls Results: Vacation Time

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Last week we asked painters, what kind of vacation would you rather have and during which season?  These are their answers. Also, be sure to answer this week's poll for Heat Wave.

If you struggle with taking time off whether during the busy season or with fewer phone calls, check out our Mission: Vacation series. We work with the Nolan Consulting Group to help a contractor develop their business to opporate automonusly without the need for constant monitoring. We're onto our 3rd season and many contractors have benefited from the lessons shared. Follow season 3, here.

Check out some of the comments we recieved on this poll...

  • At this point I'd really take anything. Been trying to start my own business while helping my handicap father who has worked for 40 years and won't retire. The endless hours are exhausting, but I keep trying to make everyone happy. Just a weekend away would be enough, but to actually relax anywhere would be nice.
  • I would prefer summer, but it would ultimately be winter, as we're too busy in the summer to take off on vacation!
  • Actually 2 weeks with zero contact would be best.
  • I took 6 weeks overseas last winter vacay. That means contact is limited to emails that get answered overnight. The foremen are trained. The payroll guy doesn't have much to do except check hours and write checks. And I don't need to babysit. Of course, everything went to hell, but at least I was away from it for a while.
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